2Whales - Wow / Vitalik - High Resistance Recordings / HIRE010

High Resistance presents "#Wow l #Vitalik" by 2Whales

#HighResistanceRecordings is a brand new Drum and Bass label, launched by a team of like-minded musicians with a big experience organizing events, aimed to create a community of musicians and listeners from all over the world and promote new names who show their creativity and gives their energy to this world through music. Making attention on quality vibes

#2Whales is a drum & bass duo from Russia. Having been inspired by the material delivered by the native artists, Bogdan and Iaroslav joined forces to create their own neuro style. These masters of deep and heavy bass do know how to serve their fat meals properly.

The two whales are back in business and have recently emerged from the Mariana trench, they have prepared a new portion of their fat for the sophisticated listener. Two uncompromising action movies for a very different audience. Powerful and furious young mobster "Vitalik bursting from the foot straight into the head that after such a call you think where to get more water, and stylish "#Wow" with an atmosphere of indifference and farce.






High Resistance




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