3RDKND (Donny, Forbidden Society and Katharsys) - Remnant EP - Forbidden Society Recordings

When #Donny (UK), #Katharsys (FR) and #ForbiddenSociety (CZ) joined forces, known through their pseudonym #3RDKND, it sent shockwaves throughout the darker droves of drum & bass. As individuals, they’ve each had an impressive array of club and festival appearances as well as releases on some of the scene’s most unforgiving imprints. And this is something which is set to continue, although this time as a collective after the trio unleashed their first painstakingly engineered creations on stage at the Let it Roll festival Mecca in 2018.

Since their ‘#Cognitive’ EP, they’ve spent months perfecting this next output and it’s something which is clear through the high-levels of production demonstrated throughout. They wanted to merge the experimental world and the harder styles they’ve become aligned with; this is something which is done without remorse, whilst never watering down the quality of their sounds. The ‘#Remnant’ EP is a package which doesn’t sacrifice class for its heaviness and neither does it sacrifice its heaviness for more commercial appeal. This is reminiscent of Forbidden Society’s catalogue, the label named after one part of #3RDKND project, and an imprint providing the perfect home for the collectives’ sonic art.

#Kill’, ‘#Demon’, ‘#TheFix’ and ‘#RemnantofaDream’ give an idea of their dispositions through their intimidating namesakes. As can be expected, both ‘#Kill’ and ‘#Demon’ go straight for the sonic jugular and they do so without restraint, something which each part of the trio are renowned for. ‘#TheFix’ and ‘#RemnantofaDream’ are just as explosive but through different means. With each featuring a cinematic introduction, you’re pulled into the sci-fi inspired landscape of the collective and dropped into their world, filled with gyrating snare patterns and slicing kick drums. As a package, the ‘#Remnant’ EP shows how #3RDKND are continuing their assault. Something which they’re dedicated to and with help from a platform like Forbidden Society, this is sure to continue as their career climbs to new heights.

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