Abstract Elements - Tenderness EP - Methlab Recordings / MLEP008

#ABSTRACTELEMENTS deliver their #TENDERNESSEP on #METHLABRECORDINGS, bringing their smoothly crafted sonics to the label across four wide ranging tracks. The titular #TENDERNESS embodies an unusual energy with its 4x4 beat, which drives its acidic lead to frenzied action alongside the promised affection of its vocal sample. #RUBEROID’s bassline flows gracefully atop its lounging drumbeat, the sole star of a dance supported by the occasional sparkles of its diminutive synths. #DISBELIEF presents an energetic drum pattern alongside languishing pads, which find themselves bound to give way to the warped machinations of its rapidly evolving bassline. Closing the EP is #BLURTNAWT, which drifts upon its distant melody between moments of silken bliss and lumbering halftime, transitioning with ease between these polar extremes.

With their first EP on #METHLABRECORDINGS, #ABSTRACTELEMENTS present the full breadth of their innovative sound, drawing from multiple sonic sources for an EP born of exploratory desire.

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