Amplify - Louder EP - Zombie Recordings / ZOMBIEUK050

A. Recognise

B. Wild (ft. Flint)

C. Present

D. Take Me (ft. Master Error & KL)

E. Louder

F. Valve

#ZombieRecordings proudly presents this 6 track EP by 23 year old #Amplify. Hailing from Devon and with only a year of producing under his belt, he’s been rather busy with releases on #YoungGuns, #PicknMix and #HydratedAudio as well as running his own label, #GradientRecords with #MetalWork.

He’s had the pleasure of working alongside #NickyBlackmarket, #Profile, #MasterError and #MetalWork, all of which have inspired him along the way.

The opening track ‘#Recognise’ is dark and gritty which reflects #Amplify’s style in a deeper sense. It’s got the impact factor.

#Amplify and #Flint work together regularly and their studio sessions always end in positive results. ‘#Wild’ reflects both of their styles and has gained support by #Noisia on their radio show.

#Present’ is one of the most asked about tracks on the EP. People love the old skool hip hop vibe in the intro mixed in with a jump up drop.

The forth track sees 3 very different styles come together. ‘#TakeMe’ features two of #Nury’s closest friends, #MasterError and #KL. The contrasting styles compliment each other nicely.

The title track of the EP ‘#Louder’ is more upbeat and vibey compared to the low end, gritty style #Amplify goes for. This one will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

#Amplify takes his style in yet another direction with ‘#Valve’ which has had some great feedback so far.

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