Askel - Glass Hands / Saboteur - none60 / nsy037

"The late great Christopher Wallace once said - "It's type simple and plain to maintain I add a little funk to the brain", with this release from #Askel we are adding some funk to #none60's proverbial brain! On #GlassHands, #Askel comes with some serious drum funkery and one of those basslines you feel rather than just hear! #Saboteur features an upright bass.... something of a first for #none60 but it sits perfectly with the rest of the #none60 catalogue (nearly 40 releases deep now?! What?!).  I have a feeling Biggie may have been talking about selling drugs - please see this lyric "I got bags of funk, and it's sellin' by the tons"... on behalf of all at #none60 we would like to distance ourselves from such behaviour!"

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