Audio - Ultrasonic - Snake Pit Records / PIT004

One aspect of #Audio’s success is his almost inhuman work rate. After the producer fine tuned his craft, he spent years unleashing release after release of high-reaching production levels and chaotic programming. Since setting up his own imprint #SnakePit, he’s stayed true to his roots and in doing so he’s dropped yet more undiluted, underground slammers which highlight why the name #Audio is still reigns supreme years on from his first release. Following the raucous sounds of singles ‘#DeadStock’, ‘#Darkseid’, and ‘#FrogMarch’, he’s about to unleash yet another part of the label’s catalogue which signifies just how imperative #Audio is to drum & bass music. When considering his releases on imprints such as #RamRecords, #Blackout and #VirusRecordings, it was only a matter of time before he set up his own platform and #SnakePit certainly delivers.

#Ultrasonic’ may be your first entry into the #SnakePit but it’s one which straight away aligns you with its philosophy. The track is a gateway into anarchy, with game-like bleeps and drums rolling through to its first drop. Sci-fi inspired vocal samples are sliced and diced, building the anticipation before it eventually explodes. #Audio does what he does best and in doing so he offers a record which could find itself at home on a range of dancefloors. #Audio can adapt his music and any drum & bass fan who has a penchant for the darker waters will know that ‘#Ultrasonic’ proves this; it’s a track which has already sent crowds into a frenzy throughout the global market. The second build up which tears through the composition midway presents a hefty switch and before long you’re lulled into a false sense of security on top of xylophone-like note patterns, before once more you’re left at the full mercy of #Audio’s artistry.

This is the next part of a label finding its feet, and it’s a label which is sure to make history. After its announcement, listeners have been watching with bated breath for its next flow of releases and as a result, they haven’t been disappointed.

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