Bassman, Deekline, Benny Page - Middle Finger - Jungle Cakes / JC124

From acid house in 1988, to early 90s raves #Fantazia at #CastleDonnington and the legendary epic free party #Castlemorton, #Bassman has been a central figure in dance music culture from the earliest days of rave. Still a scene lynchpin after 30 years in the game, the Birmingham born MC known as "#TheTeacher" for his influence over generations of younger artists is a founding member of #ShadowDemonCoalition, alongside #Trigga, and a familiar face at drum 'n' bass raves up and down the UK (as well as across the globe.)

"#MiddleFinger" is a cheeky nod to the legendary microphone maestro’s freakishly long central digit. Production duo #BennyPage and #Deekline come correct with a bruising, relentless slice of jungle drum 'n' bass pressure, rolling deep with sampled breaks, pinpoint drum programming and cultured yet ultra-grimy low end custom-designed to rumble bassbins and send bodies flying round the room.

It's all topped off with #Bassman's shadowy, distorted "#MiddleFinger" vocal, a lyric so brutal and destructive that it sounds like it's being delivered by a dead-eyed fire demon from the seventh layer of Hades. Drop this anywhere, and the result is guaranteed to be instant mayhem in the dance.

You. Have. Been. Warned.

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