Benny Page & Zero G - Show Me Love Remix - Dub Shotta / DUBSHOTTA12

The early 90’s house anthem ‘Show Me Love’ still gets some serious love across international dance floors so when Benny Page and Zero G step up for an official reworking, you know it’s coming with some serious drum and bass heat.

Nobody could ever release a version of this timeless classic without including the Korg M1 bass patch and true to form, Benny Page and Zero G have included it, pitched it up and used it perfectly for a build up to one enormous breakdown. Hands in the air crew, this one is without a doubt you.

Monstrous mid range and singalong melodies now go hand in hand with Robin S’ vocals, combining what you already know and love with some brand spanking new 2020 business. Totally unexpected and certainly one that will crossover all over the place, it’s a summer anthem you didn’t know you needed already.

Here’s the killer question - sing the vocals at the top of your voice or hum the infection bassline melody? Tough one.

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