#Metnem is a Hollywood's good side driven cyberneuro label.

#Metnem travels back to the present to declare the state of cyberneuro in 2020. by using music society to alter the future.

With data planned to release in this year exactly 1000 years ahead of schedule.

We don't have deadlines; they are a human concept. We hope the sound logs will create ripples in time, which is our number one priority. Entities involved here are #Codex, #Bohemian, #Billain, #Hermetik, #Kodin, #Netics, #MachineCult, #Vrh, and much more undercover at the moment. The sound technology is reverse engineered to appeal to broad populations hearing range ability.

"We want to upgrade what idea of the label, genre, and what AV stands for. We want to disclose the meaning of a label, and step up with being a sci-fi production base that believes in new creativity, transcends genres, and unify it into a movement. That means that #Metnem is transcending to new grounds. Our music and our visuals will carry the nametag cyberneuro, as all of our members are involved either in film, game, and IT industry, magnetized to science fiction. Having a movement that releases both music and visuals equally is quite a refreshing ground for everyone; therefore, we invite all visual and sonic artists to join our timeline. "

#MTNM008 continues the story from previous release; the story of the "Incident 2315/2" as the Hadden-YES military sector examines the cocoon retrieved from the hangar on earth. One of the soldiers had a mysterious conversation with the entity. Upon dissection trough several EMP-safe hangars, they come across a discovery that forces them to evacuate the area carrying the bizarre find.

#MTNM videos feature intricate visual works #GeordieThird AKA #MachineCult, concept artist #LukaRakovic, by Oscar-winning compositor and freelance 3d animator #DjordjeMilasinovic-Toxic (#Codex) from Weta digital, motion / AAA Sound designer Adis Kutkut Billain with Sound designer / Producer / Label founder Ranko Maric-Phase(Codex) have paved the story and sound for it.

The rest will unveil in due time.

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