Bladerunner - Intensity EP - Hi-Resolution / HR07

#Bladerunner has received some of the highest ranking support across the drum & bass scene and he’s managed to do this without losing his underground roots. From #RoniSize through to #AndyC, he’s gone from a rising star to a staple as part of the pivotal #DrumandBassArena live events, playing to crowds of thousands. Having DJed and produced for over a decade, it’s easy to see how this has happened, alongside a huge catalogue of releases, including on the likes of #DreadRecordings and reworking tracks such as #Randall and #AndyC’s ‘#SoundControl’. With regular airplay on #BBCRadio1, #1xtra and appearances on #Kiss100, he’s a favourite of many trend setters.

His forthcoming ‘#Intensity’ EP, forthcoming on #HiResolutionRecordings demonstrates how #Bladerunner has built such a formidable reputation. His cut-throat style flows through this collection of records and from the rolling bassline of title-track ‘Intensity’ and its raucous bass notes, #Bladerunner proves that he is truly back in the game. Following on in quick succession is ‘#DontBreakIt’, offering more of a rolling vibe. Then ‘#LevelUp’ crashes through next, providing the same labels of punchy bass notes and dancefloor prowess can be found across all his productions. ‘#BasslineTerror’ does exactly what it says on the tin and highlights the darker side of #Bladerunner’s catalogue. ‘#AllMyLove’ takes the listener down a light route, one underpinned by elevating vocals and melodies streaming throughout its mix. Then finally you’re introduced to ‘#Breathe’, with slapping snare drums and drum sequences which add to the track’s impact.

Each cut delivered throughout the ‘#Intensity’ EP provides a different side to the production of #Bladerunner. He shows that it’s not just the harder styles which he reigns supreme over and as a result, #Bladerunner continues his success as label head of the #HiResolutionRecordings roster.

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