Bladerunner & Nectax - The Fall / Badlands - Hi-Resolution Recordings / HR08

#HiResolutionRecordings is the label founded by #Bladerunner, an artist who has proved his worth both as an individual and as part of #KingsoftheRollers. He’s become a face for contemporary drum & bass whilst never bowing down to the mainstream, always staying true to his roots whilst carving anthems which find themselves in set lists globally. When he created #HiResolutionRecords, it was to platform his own sounds whilst occasionally welcoming guests to have their take on his sound and the sounds given a place amongst the label’s catalogue. And for this next release, he welcomes Newcastle based #Nectax into the fold, highlighting #HiResolution’s ability to keep their ear to the ground when it comes to up and comers as well as the new music which has been infiltrating club spaces. #Bladerunner and #Nectax perfectly align their sounds with this forthcoming double-sided single, presented in the shapes of ‘#TheFall’ and ‘#Badlands’. First up is ‘#TheFall’, a track which begins with a melodic, wistful introduction, something which sets up a foreboding drop before you’re catapulted into grinding its bassline and breaks which give the track a more old-school sounding rhythm. Whilst ‘#TheFall’ doesn’t make its presence felt through an all-out assault on the senses, it’s clever in its complexity, especially following its sudden first breakdown. The intro highlights how they can blend both the more melodic elements and their rugged counterparts, bringing together an eclectic mix of styles before detonating into both of their signatures, the signatures their renowned for. Then on the reverse you’re brought into the murky undertones of ‘#Badlands’. Sweeping layers of bass take you step by step into its first drop, one which breaks and leaves you falling amongst zapping electronic blasts and a set of beats lending to the track’s honed grooves. Once its distorted bassline kicks into play, the duo take on a contemporary trend but through their own attributes. #Bladerunner and #Nectax make an impenetrable force, one which is being given a platform through #HighResolutionRecordings.

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