BTK, Cold Fusion & Manifest - Daybreak / Surge - Deception Recordings / DECEPTDIGI1208

#DeceptionRecordings is back for another climatic. For this release, #BTK, #ColdFusion and #Manifest come together to bring you two brand new selections on the label. With a friendship which spans over ten years, being an integral part of the #RenegadeHardwareCrew, #BTK, #ColdFusion and #Manifest join forces for a three-way collaboration EP on #DeceptionRecordings. ‘#Daybreak’ and ‘#Surge’ are guaranteed to cause dancefloor annihilation and on first listen it’s easy to hear the history between each of the three artists. Beginning the first of two tracks is ‘#Daybreak’. With heavy drum work, the type of which give the track a serious weight as it crashes into fruition, you become instantly aware of the power which all three artists conjure when they put together their undeniable production standards. Bit by bit you’re taken along for the titanic ride, one engineered with gyrating hooks and a bassline which cuts through the mix undeterred. There’s also intricacy within its madness and before long you’re fully taken along for the ride. Next up you’re welcomed into the world of ‘#Surge’. Following its forerunner, the thumping kick drums punch through the composition, building layer by layer until it becomes impossible to escape from the freight-train like qualities of this track; it’s one which ensures it never steers away from being the top quality you’d expect from these producers. This Release is dedicated to #YokoSpeechley & #EdwardHolmes aka #Optiv Beatport Exc: 24th Feb

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