Burr Oak - Bannockburn / Struggle - Trendkill Records / TKRUK031

Although the name #BurrOak is one which has only just started to become acquainted with the drum & bass genre, the faces behind the outfit have already made their mark over its last formative years. A new venture between #TheClamps and #Opsen (known for making up one part of the Signs project) their first release through the #Trendkill platform sent shockwaves throughout the wider dance music scene. ‘#TimeHasCome’ and ‘#Originate’ were selected by label owner and pivotal figure #Prolix, setting a standard for the pair which they’ve followed with their forthcoming single.

#BurrOak shown that they’re no strangers to high production standards and an enviable work rate. Just over a month from their first release, they have continued their expansion across the world of drum & bass through brand new tracks ‘#Bannockburn’ and ‘#Struggle’. These are two tracks which signify just how electric the pairing has proven to be, something which has translated into their music. The first of the two is ‘#Bannockburn’, with an introduction alluding to just how explosive the drop is building up to become. You’re catapulted through a zipline of shaking subs and slamming drumbeats, with a bassline that drives straight through the tracks core. Both producers show their experience in the way they masterfully manipulate sounds and the result is chaotic, yet still streamlined in its composition.

The second part of the forthcoming #Trendkill single is ‘#Struggle’, just as cutthroat as its forerunner, although its hooks cut deeper and deeper between every drum relay. ‘#Struggle’ yet again demonstrates that #BurrOak aren’t afraid to go for the jugular and they do this with the utmost precision, something which shines through their expert craftmanship. Stabbing synths slice their way through the mix and before long you’re totally enveloped by the carnage. It’s another monumental step in the evolution of #BurrOak – something which #Trendkill are nurturing, as they have done countless times with artists who are now dominating global stages.

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