Burr Oak & Nickbee - Life Is Lost / Computer System - C4C Limited / LTDC4C018

#Cause4Concern is a label with over 20 years of history. A mastermind of the #C4C production collective, led by #Optiv and #CZA, they’re holding a catalogue from veteran producers, spanning the likes of #MobTactics, #ZombieCats and #CurrentValue. It’s also seen the creation of their #C4CLimited offshoot and for their forthcoming single release they’re met by newly formed outfit #BurrOak, a project existing alongside masterclass productionist #TheClamps and #Opsen (formally #Signs).

A package which was strong enough to debut into the scene with cuts on #TrendkillRecords, closely followed with a release on #Eatbrain’s ‘#DivergenceII’ LP, #BurrOak show they’re not messing around. And each release certainly conveys the sound which they’re becoming slowly renowned for.

The forthcoming single’s a-side ‘#LifeisLost’ demonstrates the remarkable talent of #BurrOak alongside #Nickbee with their full-fledged assault on the club speakers. A soothing yet gripping introduction helps to launch the track in the world beyond, with grizzling basses, energetic kicks and destructive bassline tendencies. It’s a track ready to allow the listener to conceptualize an empty world, yet also grant the power to explode on the dancefloor.

The flip-side shows us the neurotic inclinations #BurrOak get up to when left alone with track ‘#ComputerSystem’. Its spine chilling cinematic entrance alerts the listener of the malfunctions they’re about to entail, and when the activation is called there is no rest for the wicked. With intrusive blasts of #neuro which is set to corrupt live crowds, ‘#ComputerSystem’ will leave you desiring more.

The superpowers of #TheClamps and #Opsen combined as #BurrOak are unstoppable and these tracks are a primary example as to why that is. They’re slowly becoming recognised alongside the help of long standing label #Cause4Concern and they’re set to once again shake up the scene with every addition to their catalogue as it slowly expands.

Beatport Exc: 18th Nov

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