Calyx & Teebee - Look To The Skies - Plates / PLATE003

#LookToTheSkies’ is the third chapter in the expanding ‘#Plates’ series. Spanning seven and a half minutes, it’s an immersive listen eschewing the short, quick mix nature of some tracks found in many DJ’s sets of late. “It’s a musical journey like it used to be”, explain the duo. “An evolving track that brings new elements to your experience with each listen.”

Expressing themselves throughout, ‘#LookToTheSkies’ like previous Plates releases has ‘no emphasis on A or B sides – just a varied series of tunes’ that reflect the pair’s passion for drum & bass. ‘#WarDub’, ‘#CloakandDagger’ and now ‘#LookToTheSkies’ show the continued development of Calyx & Teebee’s sound for a project both are excited to see evolve.

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