Charlotte Haining - Young (BCee Remix) - CJH Songs

Rounding off 2020 on a high note, Charlotte recently released her final solo single of the year '#Young' A timeless, delicate and heartfelt love song which commands your attention from the very first note. As has become a signature of both her solo and collaborative work Charlotte’s authentic vocal perfectly captures the fragility of relationships, whilst remaining uplifting and full of hope.

Following in the footsteps of '#CarriedAway' and '#Daydreamer' we're excited to unleash this D&B rework from #SpearheadRecords maestro, and long-time collaborator #BCee. Having worked together this year on the very well received collaborative album project '#LifeAsWeKnowIt' Steve #BCee seemed the perfect choice to transform '#Young' into liquid D&B bliss - and he does not disappoint!

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