Chrizpy Chriz - Unstable EP - MethLab Recordings / MethLab Recordings / IAES007

#CHRIZPYCHRIZ makes his #METHLABRECORDINGS debut with the #UNSTABLE EP, bringing his syncretic blend of bass music to augment the label’s experimental edges. With the release already supported by #AmonTobin, among others, the "#Unstable" EP is set to land with a heavy impact. Rising quickly on the virtues of his productions across labels such as the #VALE collective and #GravitasMusic, #CHRIZPYCHRIZ’ works have seen support across the whole of the bass music spectrum, including the staple podcast Noisia Radio. Continuing in his production of these innovative sonics, #CHRIZPYCHRIZ now brings the #UNSTABLE EP to #METHLABRECORDINGS packed with five tracks that continue to display his exacting ability in auditory creation.

The discordant #ALIENLANGUAGE opens #UNSTABLE with a decidedly halftime focus, punctuating the style’s monolithic basslines with a variety of high end sonics that are warped to form sinister tonalities. #BRAINRESET sets its focus on a glitched out topline, which rolls over a series of tonal kickdrums and oscillating basses interspersed with breakbeat percussion. From amidst the swirling textures of #NYARLATHOTEP emerges a distinctly distorted set of low end frequencies, which are folded under own intense pressure to imbue the track with an otherworldly low end character. #UGLY then draws on the analogue timbres of jazz and hip hop, merging them with digital counterparts to create a novel visage from their amalgamated conventions. The EP is then closed by its titular track, which unifies #UNSTABLE’s constituent parts in order to mark its endpoint with decisive finality.

With #UNSTABLE, #CHRIZPYCHRIZ finds a fitting home on #METHLABRECORDINGS as he delivers five tracks shaped by his inimitable sonic character for an EP that slips free from the restraints of classification.

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