Coda - 3 Of A Kind / Filter Bubble - Natty Dub Recordings / NATTY051

#Coda makes a welcome return home to #NattyDub with his long anticipated double A side featuring both ‘#3ofaKind’ and ‘#FilterBubble’. Two heavyweight slices of authentic drum and bass with the utmost respect to the roots of our scene. #Coda takes some serious pride in representing the past whilst maintaining his upfront production techniques. It’s as if he’s invented a one man time machine, pops back to various years then flings down war in the studio. Clever.. Taking the first steps into introducing his forthcoming #DopeDragon inspired project by way of ‘#3ofaKind’. If you were lucky enough to hear any of the output 2005 onwards from this legendary label, you will no doubt pick up on #Coda’s respects here. There is no doubt that the bassline melody will be stuck in your brain for months to come. If we were still in the days of humming a tune over the counter, you know exactly what would be occurring! ‘#FilterBubble’ chugs away at a constant pace that will make you chuck every single pair of Air Max at arms reach in the air. It’s militant snare driven breakbeat is backed up by a rolling bassline heavily influenced by Zen’s earlier production and probably a bit of #ShyFX’s #Ebony releases to boot. This really is only the beginning and with a string of collaborations and single releases already lined up for 2020, this really is the year #Coda takes his rightful place in the world of drum and bass.

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