Coppa - Leap Of Faith EP - Korsakov Music / KRSKV019

Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith. Cut away the safety nets of familiarity and habit and hurl yourself into the unknown…

It’s a move all artists will understand: that need to push yourself, take yourself out of your comfort zone, completely rewrite your technique and set new benchmarks. It’s a move #MCCoppa is making right now with this powerful debut EP for #KorsakovMusic - ‘#LeapOfFaith’, the first of a series of EPs that are unlike anything he’s ever released before.

A deeply personal project that’s been almost two years in the making, ‘#LeapOfFaith’ sees the Bradford-born, Berlin-based artist teaming up with a whole crew of writers, producers and singers (#Enei, #DeanRodell, #TheOutsiders, #NDread, #S9, #Madface, #TomSutcliffe, #Revelashan, #Apprentice, #Jess and more) to create songs that put him right in the centre of the stage where he deserves to be.

Two albums and well over 100 collaborations deep, #Coppa is one of the most versatile, prolific and longstanding MCs in his game. Rising through the neuro routes (easily the hardest subgenre to MC over due to its complexities and full throttle flavour) over the last few years he’s spread his wings wider than ever with projects such as his #LightsOut duo with #L33 and his last, and most diverse, album ‘#PoetryInMotion’.

Now comes his boldest leap to date. Over the next few releases you’ll get to know #MarvinCoppaHay on a whole emotional new level as he lays down his most personal songs so far. The dreamy, loose-limbed jazz of the title track and its crunchy, harmonic remix counterpart from #TheOutsiders set the parameters for everything he has in store: the orchestral manoeuvres of ‘#Fuel’, the planet-bouncing soulful bubbles of ‘#TooFar’, the sizzling skanks and pure soundsystem syrup of ‘#Rocksteady’, the fiery fusion of dancefloor, dancehall and halftime on ‘#DonnieBrascos’, the sunset soul of ‘#Shadows’… And the many more tracks he has waiting to drop later in in this series.

Just when you thought you knew #Coppa, along comes an EP straight out of the unknown. Cut away the safety ties of familiarity and habit and listen with faith…

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