Danny Wheeler - Utopia EP - Liquid V / LV079DD

He was part of #BryanGee’s #Movement crew, he collaborated with #Makoto on the third volume of ‘#PlanetV - Drum & Bass’, and most recently dropped his ‘#WeekendRush’ EP with us earlier this year - #DannyWheeler is back on #LiquidV.

For the last few years, West London has been moving to a different sound. Sophisticated and soulful, the sound of #DannyWheeler's label #W10 has been setting a president for quality liquid. It's no surprise that the '#Utopia' EP is shining with soul.

From '#LoveBack' through to '#Waves' with Chords, this EP has it all. A truly uplifting body of work that stays true to the #LiquidV blueprint, the perfect release to sign off our 2019 with.

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