Dave Owen - Pensive EP - Soul Trader Records / STR031

Just one scan over the incredible support which #SoulTraderRecords has had over its journey highlights how imperative its music is for any drum & bass collector. Playing host to names such as #BCee, #Skynet, #Bungle, #RandomMovement, #Saxxon, #HLZ, #Satl plus many more producers who’ve been topping digital charts, their eye for emerging talent has proved second to none. The independent imprint has a heavy focus on the deeper styles and spearheaded by DJ Surplus in West London, their aim has always been to bring fans the highest quality music, whether that’s from newcomers or more established names.

#DaveOwen is the next artist to bring his own sound to #SoulTrader; he’s well versed in the dance music world, having already released on #Metalheadz, #Dispatch, #Ram’s sister-label #Program, #Randall’s #Mac2 and #LiquidV. The ‘#Pensive’ EP from #DaveOwen highlights how he came under the radar of so many mainstay labels. The US based producer has used his soulful sensibilities to grab the attention of worldwide tastemakers, including #Fabio, #Grooverider and #JohnB, so when brand new music from him landed in the inbox of #SoulTraderRecords, they were quick to schedule a release date. On listening to his forthcoming EP, it’s easy to see how they struck gold.

Title-track ‘#Pensive’ begins the collection, with its rhythmic drums, rolling melodies and tinkering layers of percussion. It’s a stunning display of talent and it’s one which fits directly into the catalogue of #SoulTrader. The flipside is ‘#IfUStillCare’, which follows the same wavelengths as the EP’s opener, whilst also showing a different side to his production repertoire. The track’s piano notes add to its hook as it draws you in deeper and before long, you’re left to bask in its waves of musicality, underpinned by its cascading drum sequences. There’s still driving patterns within #DaveOwen’s production which makes his tracks playable throughout club spaces globally; hence why he’s crossed the Atlantic with his honed creativity. His merging with #SoulTrader made perfect sense and this is easy to hear from his next output through the label

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