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#BornonRoad is the record label which has brought you some of the most exciting up and comers to break through over recent years. This continues with their brand-new EP from #Disrupta, the Reading based producer who brings his unique sound blends to the Bristol-based imprint. After already infiltrating club spaces with his no-holds-barred production, his forthcoming collection of tracks featured throughout ‘#TheNight’ EP exemplifies why he was giving a place on the label. He’s built himself a sizeable army of listeners and this fan base will only grow with the release of his new package via #BornonRoad.

The EP’s title-track is the first new selection to make an appearance. Featuring #Kathika, prepare to be submerged by the sonic waves of ‘#TheNight’. It’s growling with bassy undertones which help to keep it rolling. Then next, comes ‘#Extinct’, jumping between its slapping drum sequences and warbling bass stabs as you’re taken out into the mix with every thump. ‘#BadGuy’ follows suit with a screw driver like twist of bass. Throughout this EP, #Disrupta certainly plays on the warbling atmospherics he’s renowned for. Creating the type of music which reverberates throughout speakers, it’s the perfect music for the dancefloor, or to create the same dark atmosphere at home.

Coming in behind, #Disrupta and #JSelect present a rework of their well-loved anthem ‘#ButterFingers’. The VIP keeps the same ethos as the original, with clacking snares jumping from drum beat to drum beat. In doing so, it pays homage to its predecessor, whilst it’s still given a new face. ‘#Honey’ brings the EP to a close, with layers which dip one into the next as the impact of the track gradually builds. This is the perfect cut to create creeping chaos within any DJ set.

#Disrupta proves his reign is here to stay with #BornonRoad. He’s holding the torch for the next generation of producers coming through the ranks.

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