DJ Madd - All Massive EP - Unchained Recordings

“It’s not that shocking anymore when a Dubstep guy plays some Halftime, or a House guy closes his set with a couple DnB tunes.” Whilst many purists would object, Budapest-born Peter Simon, aka #DJMadd is passionate about the richness and diversity of modern electronic music. From UK Bass, Dancehall and Dub to his unrelenting spate of Halftime flips of tunes by artists such as #Calibre, #Flowdan and #Dillinja, #Madd’s output has come a long way since his first vinyl release in 2008.

Attracting followers such as #Skream, #MaryAnneHobbs and #DavidRodigan, #UnchainedRecordings is incredibly excited to be a part of the growth of #Madd’s unique take on #Jungle, Dub fusion and beat-driven electronic.

His new #AllMassive EP is a three piece club-selection combination that carries heavy bass-freight across Drum & Bass, Halftime and 140. All three tracks are amazing and charged with heavy funk-etched 808s, Jamaican flavours, rolling percs and just enough darkness to fit like a glove with a well-tuned 3am club sound-system whilst keeping the dance floor charged with full dial grins.

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