Dossa & Locuzzed - Resonate - The Remixes (Pt. 2) - Viper Recordings / VPR212

Following the release of their debut album ‘#Resonate’ at the end of 2019, #Dossa & #Locuzzed have certainly made their mark in the world of drum & bass with their signature funky sound. Following on from Part 1 of the #ResonateRemixes, which included a heavyweight rendition of the iconic ‘#Shag’ by #AMC & #Turno and a groovy take on ‘#Blinded’ feat. #PatchEdison from #Millbrook, Part 2 features industry powerhouse #CrissyCriss, fellow Austrian #Mofes, and competition winner #DinoShadix on remix duties.

First up is #CrissyCriss’ take on certified funky DnB anthem ‘#OffCourse’. Maintaining the undeniable charm of the original, #CrissyCriss infuses new energy into the track, transforming the soothing number into an absolute weapon. Set to destroy the dancefloor with its resounding basses and powerful sounds, you can bet this one will elicit a memorable crowd reaction.

Next is the first of the two competition winners with #LUKA’s take on ‘#GetNasty’. A sombre reimagining, #LUKA changes the tone of the track entirely, creating a suspenseful intro followed by a much more ominous sound while never losing the energy of the original.

The next remix is Mofes’ take on ‘#MyLove’ featuring the sweet vocals of #MissesU. Hailing from one of DnB’s greatest hot spots, fellow Austrian Mofes delivers an enigmatic take on ‘#MyLove’. Capturing the soulful elegance of the original, #Mofes quickly turns up the heat with his dark and sinister beats, melding flawlessly with elements of the original for a seamless remix.

Last but not least is something a little bit different, coming from competition winner #DinoShadix with her dubstep rendition of ‘#GetNasty’. Slowing things right down to a comfortable 140, #DinoShadix gives a whole new meaning to the track’s title, with plenty of nasty in-your-face bass sprinkled with just a hint of the original funky flavours; it’s not hard to see why she won out of so many talented entries with this out-of-the box take on the track.

With four very different but equally outstanding takes on some of #Dossa & #Locuzzed’s most well-loved tracks off their album #Resonate, this second taste of the remix package is a proud testament to the diversity of the label. Tracks from an established drum & bass veteran, an outside competition winner, and a hometown hero all sit together perfectly for #ResonateRemixesPart2 – keep an eye out for the rest soon, only on #Viper.

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