Drop Frame: Persia + Royalston & Monika Remixes - Shadowhearts / SHDW1

Slime is proud to unveil it’s first sister label dedicated purely to drum & bass - #Shadowhearts.

To celebrate it’s inaugural release we welcome the renowned Australian producer #DropFrame to our label with his incredible epic track “#Persia”. Dropping us deep from the outset into a mystical world of beguiling keys and swirling atmospherics, the track delivers a pitch perfect master-class in tension and release as the intensity slowly builds before the beat finally breaks cover and delivers a devastating salvo of precision bass heaven that will demolish any discerning dancefloor.

#DropFrame is the alias for a unique multi-genre Melbourne electronic producer named Tom. His signature sound melds the worlds between bass driven beats, psychedelic soundscapes and kaleidoscopic melodies. The music he produces is sensory, exploring the emotional depths of the inner world. Sonically #DropFrame has evolved over time, a sound shaped most recently by his experience into the colourful and expressive world of psychedelic festival culture.

#Hospital stalwart #Royalston steps up for the first remix, twisting the original into a gigantic percussive masterpiece that works itself into an relentless groove that will absolutely melt your sneakers on contact. #Soulvent regular #Monika closes off proceedings by mutating the track’s core elements into a sublime liquid roller that takes a left turn from the original into a buzzing synth odyssey that sounds like it’s being beamed back to Earth from outer space.

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