Droptek - Invoke (Clockvice Remix) / Droptek - Devoid (Levela Remix) - Korsakov Music / KRSKV022

Droptek - Invoke (Clockvice Remix) / Droptek - Devoid (Levela Remix)

20 November Beatport & Spotify Exclusive

4 December WW Release

After the success of #Droptek - #SymbiosisRemixedPart1, the widely anticipated followup is finally almost here, and to whet the appetite, #KorsakovMusic are proud to drop two of the remixes ahead of schedule.

#Clockvice offers up one of the most OTT remixes you’ll hear in a long time, meticulously carving and cutting up Invoke into a state of the art, bona fide dubstep banger. It’s got more twists and turns than Route 66 throughouts it’s two drops and entertains and wows from start to finish.

#Levela goes on a deep roller spree with his ludicrous flip of #Devoid, matching #Gydra’s remix from Part 1 in production prowess and roller levels. It’s pragmatically and precisely crafted vocal chops and cleverly subtle yet still outrageously heavy wobbly stabs keep you on the edge of your seat and it’s sure to tear up the dance for years to come.

And to make it even better, 8 more remixes are imminent on the full release. Watch this space……...

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