Droptek – Symbiosis Remixed Part 1 - Korsakov Music / KRSKV015

#InsideInfo, #Audio, #Skantia, #Gydra, #JoeFord, #Smooth & #DCBreaks, #Madster, #TheOutsiders, #DubElements… That awesome feeling when your dream post-lockdown rave line-up matches the rollcall on this ridiculous remix package of #Droptek’s 2019 debut album ‘#Symbiosis’. All these weeks and weeks and weeks of pent up frustration are about to be unleashed by some of the top insurgents from across drum & bass.

Reload: ‘#Symbiosis’ dropped, April 2019. A deeply personal body of work for young UK artist Lewis Munns, the album was a bold statement of intent that galvanised his transition from 140-oriented music to something a little faster, spicier, slicker and deadlier and showed he was here to stay. It was a strong move for the label, too. At the time #KorsakovMusic were only four releases deep, but the label bossman AL/SO was so inspired by the album, he had to release it… And, more importantly, do it justice.

Justice was served: #Noisia, #Mefjus, #Koven, #Camo & #Krooked, #BlackSunEmpire, #Muzz and #Levela all hammered the originals, ensuring the album’s status as one of the most accomplished D&B LP debuts of the year. Now, 15 months later, it’s time for a whole new hammering. Once again, an all-star cast of D&B protagonists are involved.

Nine versions heavy, ‘#SymbiosisRemixed’ takes #Droptek’s signature gritty, sharp-edged tech funk and places it in the hands of a wide-ranging collective of artists who are all in exciting, inspired places in their career. #JoeFord’s opening take on ‘#Sentient’ is a perfect example as it sets the tone in that purring, restrained way he’s become loved for. Many more examples follow: Russian neuro royalty #Gydra go all-out #ruffhouse funk on ‘#Devoid’, #Skantia showcases his stripped-back techno tendencies on ‘#Extrapolate’, #Audio goes all halftime hurter on ‘#Comply’ and #InsideInfo blends about five fiery flavours on ‘#Minutiae’ in that one-of-a-kind trip way only he knows how. The list goes on… Each remix capturing best essence of #Droptek’s original while taking it in a whole new direction and ensuring his album continues to be done justice long after its release.

Let’s hope this painful wait for that first post-lockdown rave doesn’t take as long. In the meantime, allow these precision remixes unleash a little frustration. And buckle-up; like all the best dream line-ups, this is only phase one! Two more remix bundles are set to drop imminently…

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