Dub Elements & Friends Pt.2 - DEM Recordings / DEM002EP

Aktualisiert: 27. Juli 2019

The second part of #DubElements & Friends compilation series is nearly upon their immense fan base, with the duo bringing their infectious energy behind the decks into the releases they’ve platformed on their label. Like the previous edition, there’s a wide-ranging collection of collaborative artists featured across the album. Some of these producers have also performed at the #DubElements & Friends nights across Europe, helping to build the proud reputation which the pair stand behind today. This reputation has built their #DemRecordings imprint, a place where they have full creative control and offering a hub to likeminded figures throughout their section of the scene. Their #DubElements & Friends anthology is a testament to this.

The first track featured on the next output through #DemRecordings is ‘#Abandoned’ from #DubElements and #Flite, with rolling melodies and grinding beat patterns. ‘#Phosphorescence’ follows in quick succession, bringing heavyweight outfit #Inward, #Hanzo & #Randie into the mix with its sweeping LFOs. Bad boy lyricist #Coppa then jumps on board for ‘#Maasai’, using his vocal talents to give a nastier edge to a track which already shakes through from its core.

The second half of the EP comes thick and fast, with Russian behemoths #Gydra stepping up to the plate and showing why their such widely renowned figures across the genre. ‘#FiringPin’ goes right for the throat with its gyrating levels of bass and flying beat sequences. It’s a dancefloor slammer, the type of which would lead any #Gydra or #DubElements set list and bringing the two together was only bound to cause chaotic scenes across worldwide club spaces.

For the final track, old-school trend setters #Optiv and #CZA add their sonic talents throughout ‘#Switchback’. Pounding drums merge with the track’s murky bass pads to delve you deep into its diligent mixdown, creating a world which is not too distant from the tracks which made #Optiv and #CZA so notorious in the older days. And it’s the last part of an EP which is yet again signifying the influence of #DubElements. One of the primary reasons they decided to embark on this project, with the help of their skilled counterparts.

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