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Aktualisiert: 23. Apr 2020

Marking his first release of the new decade, the four-track EP opens with the finely crafted jumpup with ‘#LetItUp’ - a track that pairs rave-era samples with the tightest of production. Next up, ‘#Woo’ and ‘#HalfLife’ continue along the same path, cultivating measured yet energetic vibes capable of making an impact on any dancefloors. Closing things out, ‘#Salisbury’ is the record’s most riotous track - high-octane, unpredictable and laden with menacing intent.

#DueceNotDeuce’ is #Duece’s debut on the fledgling #Eloisa, a fresh, new D&B imprint that’s ‘on a mission to surpass barriers in the D&B scene’. Under the #InperspectiveMusicGroup umbrella, the label is determined to instil some fresh energy into the scene.

A stellar new release, ‘#DueceNotDeuce’ sees Eloisa continue to carve a reputation as a D&B label with seriously stringent quality control.

Eloisa Socials:

https://www.facebook.com/EloisaRecords/ https://www.instagram.com/eloisarecords/ https://twitter.com/eloisarecords https://soundcloud.com/eloisarecords https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGzKFiEKckFN--xdoqG1Mpg

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