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We are very happy to welcome back #Dunk & #StillZ for round 2 of some serious bass whooping.

Returning after their very successful EP, ‘#KillersontheLoose’, they are unleashing another set of four finely produced tracks.

The duo have collaborated to create ‘#ColdBloodedKillers’ and ‘#Hunter’, two savage minimal rinsers, whilst #StillZ goes in hard and solo with ‘#MemoryoftheDead’ and ‘#SecretService’.

The EP is a fantastic follow up to their last release which reached the top 10 in Juno Downloads singles charts.

Dunk & StillZ – Cold Blooded Killers

StillZ – Memory of the Dead

Dunk & StillZ – Hunter

StillZ – Secret Service

Pick The Lock

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Dunk https://www.facebook.com/dunk.dnb https://twitter.com/Dunk__DnB https://soundcloud.com/dunkdnb https://www.instagram.com/dunk_dnb/ Spotify

StillZ https://www.facebook.com/djstillzofficial/ https://twitter.com/JoeStill14 https://soundcloud.com/djstillz https://www.instagram.com/stillz_uk Spotify

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