Earl Grey - French Exit - Inperspective Records

We’re excited to announce the return of Manchester-based producer #EarlGrey for his latest release on #InperspectiveRecords. Boasting a repertoire including releases on esteemed labels such as #EasternPromiseAudio, #PlushRecordings, #SubtleAudioRecordings, #WesternLore and his own #HyperchamberMusic. Following the success of his experimental #Headwinds LP and his addition to the “#TeddyBearTrilogy”, #EarlGrey now brings dynamic new EP ‘#FrenchExit’ to #InperspectiveRecords. Opener ‘#FalseHorns’ is a deep track with a sinister build, teasing in an eerie horn sound to create an atmospheric soundscape, with the hypnotic, jazzy fused breakbeat finishing what is an outstanding start to the incredible EP. ‘#AfterTheyTurnTheRigsOff’ adds an electrifying complexity that takes us on a journey, leading with vocal samples and a piercing beat, before transporting us to a spiritual world through echoing chants and a lighter sound. ‘#MimeJarLens’ is refreshingly toned-down in comparison to the previous exhilarating tracks. Nonetheless, it packs its own punch, with sharp breaks and an ambient jazzy style that is captivating and dreamy. Title-track ‘#FrenchExit’ is eerie in a way that will have you hanging on for every beat, as it breaks sonic boundaries and pulls you down into a deep underworld. #EarlGrey demonstrates his hypnotic powers, drawing us out from the superbly dark world of the previous track and into the light, dreamy sound of ‘#LessonsLearnt.’ ‘#Hypothermic’ rounds of this release with a rolling, richly atmospheric track. This closer seamlessly combines both the lighter, ethereal sounds and moodier, dark tones of the other tracks. ‘#FrenchExit’ presents a masterful collection of tracks that twist and turn, but remain united by their richly atmospheric sound. #EarlGrey marks his third #InperspectiveRecords release with an invigorating, unique EP, pushing the boundaries of drum and bass.

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