Ekko & Sidetrack ft Ruth Royall - Paper Birds - Viper Recordings / VPR207

Since signing to #Viper in 2018, Australian brothers Jeff and Jono Hansen, professionally known as #Ekko & #Sidetrack, have been making waves in the world of drum & bass. Singles like ‘#Synchronise’ and ‘#LetTheLightIn’ have earned support from the industry’s top tastemakers as well as over a million streams combined, and their recent bootleg of #Flume’s ‘#RushingBack’ marked their 7th #UKF upload. Undoubtedly one of the hottest acts in drum & bass at the moment, #Ekko & #Sidetrack continue their hotstreak with their latest single on the label, ‘#PaperBirds’.

Opening on a serene, blissful note, the track builds a calming and uplifting atmosphere right from the start. A track three years in the making, #Ekko & #Sidetrack exhibit a finesse and grace building up to a euphoric drop that is sure to have your heart fluttering. Industry favourite #RuthRoyall lends her elegant voice to the track, taking it to new heights with heartfelt lyrics that add to the dreamy nature of the track. Freeing and emotional, the track boasts infectious festival energy that will surely have crowds holdings their loved ones and singing at the top of their lungs, much like ‘#Synchronise’ did last year.

Charming and elated, ‘#PaperBirds’ is a standout tune from the duo, a special release that #Viper are proud to release. With such a bright future ahead and an already impressive back catalogue, #Ekko & #Sidetrack certainly show no signs of slowing down and have been a consistently welcome member of the growing #Viper family.

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