Frame - Turntable / Don't Stop - The Dreamers Recordings / TDR038

3rd release on The Dreamers Recordings for Frame, a very talented and young italian producer who grew up with our label. As you well know our goal is to promote the freshest sounds from worldwide talents. Doesn’t matter if it’s footwork, jungle, rollers or drum and bass oriented, quality stuff is our trademark.

Turntable ( 174 bpm - Fm ) A fresh crossover between Footwork Jungle and Rolling. Deep bassline and classic 808 / 909 drumkit make the magic, while the whole athmospere is topped with some hoovers and percussive sounds.The second drop is dedicated to the halfstep lovers, this song is a cool groove for the dancefloor !

Don’t Stop ( 172 bpm - Dm ) it’s a classic Jungle oriented tune with a nice vocal cut and some house music flavour. The stabs evolving nicely with some gnarly bass hits on that classic drum break. With this one ,Frame reinforce our strong core sound, adding his fresh touch, and remind us where we came from!

Frame bio:

Frame is a drum and bass dj and producer from north of Italy. He studied Electronic Music Producer with dj/producer Luca Fronza, and piano. In 2016 he had its first release on the italian label Singularity Audio with "Bad Money" and the "Intense" EP. After this release his friend and master Neve, seeing his great potential, asked him to produce an EP for The Dreamers Recordings.

With the Turin Label he made two EP "Natural Sounds" and "Primitive Jungle" who affirmed it in the scene receiving support from Rinse FM, Mauoq and Jon1st. After this release he started making music for labels like Delta 9, Warm Ear Music, Locked Concept, Atmomatix, TerraFirma and many others.His track "Ehiua" was played on BBC Radio 1 by Rene Lavice in his showcase and others tracks were played in Noisia Radio and in many podcasts like fabriclondon x Metalheadz.

He received support from artists like Rene LaVice, Ulterior Motive, Zero T, Bredren, Conduct, Jon1st and Was A Be.

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