Funkzelle - Dirty Business (Album Sampler) - Rowtown Records / ROW013SMP1

As a little foretaste of the upcoming great #Funkzelle album we picked outthe title track "#DirtyBusiness" and refined it with two remixes. Label boss and #JazzFunk addict #Rowpieces doesn't let himself be asked twice on such an occasion and does what he always does. He transforms the original material into Drum & Bass with the utmost care and respect, letting the fast beats rush over it and the deep basses rumble underneath, and adds small musical additions in his playful style without disturbing the taste of the original. The result is a jazzy #Liquid Drum & Bass roller with film score atmosphere. #Funkzelle's alter ego #DeepLab9 made in typical relaxed Deep House style a casual grooving track that is second to none. Somewhere between the easy-going percussion-laden groove, spacey sounds, funky applications and dreamy synth pads you can find some elements of the original, and you would never believe that a mixture of funky Jazz and atmospheric House can actually work so casually and seamlessly, but it proves it convincingly. As a small encore, and to get a better picture of the album, we have added the track "#Lucky", which will make you look forward to the album even more with its beautiful vibe.

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