Giganti - Imagine - Viper Recordings / VPR218

Hot on the heels of recent single ‘#Runaway’, badman #Giganti is back once again with yet another release on home label #Viper.

Thrilling and eerie, #Giganti takes the time to set the scene with a cinematic intro, layering haunting vocals and a chilling speech in character with his mysterious & mafia affiliated brand.

In typical #Giganti fashion, the drop is audacious and loud, set to decimate any dancefloor with blazing basslines and robust rhythms.

Paying equal attention to both build-ups and drops, #Giganti not only manages to create incredibly immersive tracks, but also shows his impressive production skills with each release – ‘#Imagine’ being no exception.

Proving once more why label don #Futurebound was so keen to welcome #Giganti to the #Viper famiglia, ‘#Imagine’ is a pristine example of the quality d&b weapons associated with the #Giganti name, one you won’t soon forget.

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