Grey Code x SubMarine & Disphonia - SENTINEL 003 - MethLab Recordings / MLS017

Introducing the 3rd and final single from the #SENTINEL LP on #MethLabRecordings, featuring a pair of tracks extracted from the sleek and gleaming tech visions of #GreyCode & #SubMarine and #Disphonia. Following the first two singles which featured tracks from #CurrentValue, #Culprate, #Missin and #Barbarix x #VolatileCycle, #MethLab lay down the next pair of tracks from the forthcoming #SENTINEL LP, which comprises a 15 track vinyl-release manifesto of sleek futuristic perspectives for tomorrow's dancefloor. #FLAMINGOCLUB and #CAREFUL showcase a patient and tightly conceived set of aesthetics that are set to beguile and delight, whilst firmly pushing heads down for the skank.

Immerse yourself in our vision of what's to come.

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