Grinder - Hypno / Titan - Ignescent / IGNTRM001

#Grinder is a new name on the Russian drum and bass scene. After a very short journey, he has already released several releases on Russian labels, such as #TamRecords and #TimeofNightRecordings. Also, Grinders tracks are often in the Neuropunk Podcast from the guru of the Russian D&B scene - DJ Bes. #Grinders sound are a constant flight of imagination, a storm of emotions. It mostly prefers a deep sound, but its clip also has bangers. The first track on his new release is "#Hypno". This is the case when the name speaks for itself. #Hypnotic sounds and motifs immerse you in a state of relaxation and total enjoyment. But at the same time, hearing this track on the dance floor, your feet will definitely throw themselves into the dance. Also in this track, #Grinder paid great attention to live instruments, such as the piano. The second track from the release, this is "#Titan". A track created for dance floors, wobble bass on low notes perfectly conveys the laid groove. Synthesized vocals create the mood of the track. After hearing this track on a powerful sound, you will understand how important sub bass is and how you can start the dance floor with half a turn. The atmosphere of the track is quite part of the idea of the release, namely a hypnotic state. Drumstep drop in development will be a nice bonus for fans of this arrangement of drums.

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