Hybrid Minds - Drowning In You - Levela Remix - Hybrid Music / HM017R2D

With almost 1 million combined streams so far, #HybridMinds and #FredV’s stunning new single ‘#DrowningInYou’ has had an explosive start since release just a few weeks ago.

Hot on the heels of the original comes a contrasting set of mixes to the track. A beautiful, piano led chill mix, and a remix from one of the most in-demand names on the Drum & Bass circuit - #Levela.

Usually found representing on his own #MultiFunction label (which turns 10 this year), as well as guest appearances on the likes of #Critical, #SoupedUp, #Program, and #TechniqueRecordings, #Levela has been on a mission to over the past couple of years to break down the sub-genre walls within D&B, and transforms '#DrowningInYou' from the sublime and ethereal, into a downright dirty dancefloor smasher.

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