I Wannabe - Space Lovers EP - Kos.Mos Music / KOSMOS118DGTL

"#SpaceLoversEP" is the second released on #KOSMOSMUSIC label solo work by Kiev producer #IWannabe, consisting of 5 tracks.

"#MusictoLove" gives the listener a touch of famous house hit "#MusicSoundsBetterWithYou". An excellent liquid-roller with rhythmics and vocal sample having no actual relation to the above mentioned song.

"#SoReal" is an original techstep track based on the contrast of playing the keys and double bass.

"#LoveYou" is basically a march rhythm changing into relaxed, summer atmosphere.

"#JazzLovers" is one more liquid-roller, however it’s more smooth based on the contrast of double bass and the keys.

"#MaybeDont" is a collaboration with label owner #ElectrosoulSystem. A powerful groove typical of the most of Andrey ESS’s tracks is interlacing gently with a beautiful melody by Kiev producer. Slashing dub-roller with sub-bass, oncoming dance floors super hit.

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