Inflamers - Earsplittin EP - DLT9 / DLT9014

#DLT9 holds a unique amalgam of sounds which all have a connection to drum and bass. Their successful rebrand for 2019 has upheld their reputation, something which is continually being held to high regard.

The ‘#EarspittinEP’ sees promising upcomers Inflamers showing you exactly why #DLT9 have kept them on their radar. With each package the duo dive deeper into the drum and bass realm, defining his level of production further, explaining why they’re such an auspicious producers in Drum&Bass.

With this ‘#EarspittinEP’ on #Delta9Recordings’ sister label #DLT9, Inflamers highlight both their collaborative talent and their unique skills set through three compelling tracks, each ready to add the stride in your step on club floors. Title-track ‘#Earsplittin’ is the first record on the track list . Luring the listener in with such an upbeat introduction, you’re quickly battered by the punchy bass stabs while riding across the immense atmosphere of the tune.

#PopTheValium’ is next to lay it’s foundation, showing the standalone talent Inflamers truly hold giving to the EP that funky touch which is not nowdays present in all releases. ‘#Explain’ is the closing track which set and end to this sound experience. This tune will drive the listener to a journey surronded by reverbered vocals and immense drum grooves.

These three tracks exemplify the sounds of #DLT9 alongside the signature of each this upcoming duo.

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Mastering: TRS (Kodin)

Artwork: Dinko Filipovic

Exclusive Release date: 25/09/2020 (Beatport)

Global Release date: 09/10/2020

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