Ingot - Eclipse EP - Lost Recordings / LST043

Paul Haydock, better known as #Ingot returns to #Lost with another collection of tightly crafted tracks for his debut main label release.

"We’re delighted to welcome him and his defining #Lost sound as a welcome addition to our coreroster. He seriously set the mark with his previous output on our left-field Transmissions series, with the likes of Dread and Apex still earning a rinse out at lost HQ.

The composition of his #EclipseEP highlights #Ingot’s continued love of warm & gritty character, wrapped up in a technically impressive Headz-style approach to production. The resulting 4 tracks on #Eclipse lay out a deep journey through analogue atmospheres, rattling subs, and intelligent drum programming. We asked how he starts tracks, replying, “I usually start the track somewhere in the main body, establishing a hook with the bass or drum pattern to build around. I try out some variation, add ambience, then work forwards or backwards from there”.

We were keen to hear more about his most memorable tracks on the release, “My favorite track at the moment is #Eclipse. #Kintsuku did an amazing job on the vocals that bring about a rich ambience. The drums carry and progress on #Eclipse nicely but ‘#Gunnin’ with #Draize is a close second. I had fun writing all the tracks for the EP as they’re all different”. #Ingot always aims to bring a fresh vibe to every release, showing incredible attention to detail in the production process. His final statement looking forward on 2020, “My goal for my music this year is to just keep on writing and to improve my sound and end the year with a good selection of tracks”

Make sure you watch out for future Ingot productions!

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