Insideinfo & Mefjus (Annix Remix) / BMotion & Jack Mirror - Acts Of Mad Men Volume.2 (Part 5) Viper

The announcement of the second ever #ActsofMadMen compilation this year has been a hot topic amongst DnB heads since the first single was release with #Magnetude’s ‘#Friday’. Now, following teases from #Halflight, #Insomniax, and #BlaineStranger, the fifth taste of this monumental album comes in two parts, both just as loud and proud as their predecessors.

The first side of the single is the highly anticipated Annix remix of #InsideInfo & #Mefjus’ timeless collaboration ‘#Pulsation’. A favourite amongst heads, #Konichi & #DecimalBass give the track the #Annix treatment for an entirely new take on this definitive dancefloor weapon. Remixing such a well-known track is no easy feat, but #Annix blew this one out of the park. A suspenseful intro maintains enough of the original to be recognizable, lulling the listener into a false sense of security before dropping into one of the most heinous drops of the last decade – this one is guaranteed to blow minds left, right, and center.

The second track comes from one of #Viper’s newest signings, #JackMirror, working together with a long time staple of the #Viper family, #BMotion. ‘#Lust’ delivers retro-futuristic vibes with an apocalyptic flair, perfectly fusing together both producer’s unique sounds for a truly memorable result. #BMotion’s euphoric melody writing shines against #JackMirror’s darker soundscapes, the juxtaposition of light and dark making ‘#Lust’ an utterly captivating track.

Counting down the days until the release of #ActsofMadMenVol2, this next tease in the form of two new singles serves to increase already high excitement levels for this seminal release.

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