Insomniax feat Miss Trouble - Elements - Viper / VPR201

After a successful 2019 including the critically acclaimed ode to rave culture #SaxonStreetEP, with singles like ‘#OneMoreTime’ and ‘#LondonSoul’ gaining support from the scene’s most influential tastemakers and DJs, #Insomniax are back with their first release of 2020.

A collaboration with label favourite #MissTrouble, ‘#Elements’ opens on a foreboding note, delivering a sinister soundscape right from the start. Combining the dark grit of neuro with the more jovial drums of the genre’s jungle origins, the production pairs perfectly with the distinguished vocals of #MissTrouble for one seriously memorable result. Where the drops deliver an infectious groove, things turn much more ominous as #MissTrouble’s iconic voice becomes more and more robotic, giving the track an apocalyptic flair.

With two #Viper favourites coming together on one track, you know the result is going to be nothing short of phenomenal, and the creative forces behind ‘#Elements’ certainly don’t disappoint. Sinister yet catchy, #Insomniax and #MissTrouble have proven to be a match made in heaven and marks a strong start to 2020 for both.

17.04.20 (Beatport Exclusive)

01.05.20 (All Stores)

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