Joakuim - Le Clebs EP - Huski Records / HUSKI001

Hailing from the capital of France is brand new drum and bass label #HuskiRecords, one which will be propelling the finest French talents straight into the heart of the scene. Forthcoming on the imprint is a release which will gain enough momentum to send shockwaves across the drum & bass world and it’s one being brought to you by label head Seereal. Defining the strength of the label and taking the task of its first release is #Joakuim with his "#LeClebsEP", an artist carefully selected by Seereal to present the face of #HuskiRecords to the world.

Over the last 8 years #Joakuim has been drilling himself into the genre’s core through his mellifluous production styles, the type of which have ensured he’s been held in high regard. The reason for this reputation can be heard on labels such as #31Recordings, #SymmetryRecords, #FokuzRecordings and plenty more. #Joakuim is an artist you'd want on any platform for its debut and it’s sure to give it a weighty start. With two fresh cuts and one remix from UK Bristol's own #IllTruth, get ready for the ground to shake with "#LeClebs".

Taking the lead on the EP is Ill Truth with their rework of title-track “#LeClebs”, a track which has already been premiered by #Calyx & #TeeBee on the #BBCRadio1 #RenéLaVice show. The soft opening of the track is a prelude for what’s to come and as the track builds the listener is soon met with the sprinkles of #IllTruths' signature bassline, giving a much bolder feel to the sounds of #Joakuim.

Next up is the original, giving us the true essence of #Joakuim. It shows a more fluid aura, a style which is widely recognised as a signature for #Joakuim; a track which is ready to send its listeners into a trance on the dancefloor. As the final selection arrives, '#Electronica' is quick to set the tone with its electrifying soundboard. Alongside its junglist styled drums, met with rippling metallic stabs, its craftsmanship will cause hypnotic vibrations, especially across global dancefloors.

The forthcoming EP from #Joakuim, with help from #IllTruth, shows the natural force they both hold and why they've been honoured to showcase #HuskiRecords. With a forthcoming release as strong as this, it makes a statement - there is so much more to come. It’s a label worthy of keeping an eye on.

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