Junk Mail - Yellow Jacket - Ram Records / RAMM375

Following his set at the seminal #Printworks venue in London, #JunkMail returns for 2020 with a brand-new single on #RamRecords. After the dancefloor success of previous cuts ‘#LockStock’ and ‘#LordTerror’, which catapulted him into the drum & bass world after he adopted a new alias from a well-known production duo, his fresh delivery ‘#YellowJacket’ has already made its way to taste makers, including #RamRecords leading figure #AndyC. It’s become a staple within his sets, with electronic guitar strings and an air raid-like siren quickly leading into its first breakdown. It's a certified intro track. The stabbing epicness of #JunkMail’s production shines through once more with ‘#YellowJacket’, homing in on the sound which made #RamRecords so infamous across worldwide club circuits.

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