Klay - GX EP - OYO / OYO001

#OYO presents #KLAY’s #GXEP, setting the tone for the first release on the new Hungarian jump-up label with 5 of his characteristically irreverent tracks. Hailing from within that nation’s ever growing drum & bass scene, #KLAY’s productions have found homes on labels such as #Annix’s #AnimatedRecordings & #Jaydan’s #SmokinRiddims, whilst finding support across the globe in the sets of Jump Up mainstays such as #DJHype, #DJHazard, and #MackyGee. In marking its first release with an EP delivered by this rapidly rising producer, #OYO sets out with singular purpose to promote the Jump Up sound worldwide.

As the first step in this pursuit, #OYO001 thus holds nothing back as it sees #KLAY deliver five tracks spanning the entire range of the Jump Up subgenre for the label’s pioneering release. Within are found not only the familiar metallic basslines for which the sound is so well known, but also a variety of mysterious textures and outlandish samples which give the EP a uniquely eccentric character. From the deeper rolling sounds of the subgenre to its hyperenergetic extremes, #KLAY’s #GXEP provides an exemplary survey of the Jump Up style for #OYO001, launching the newly founded label to the fore of the scene in which it makes its deserved home.

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