Kodin - Snake Lies EP - Korsakov Music / KRSKV026






Just a collection of sounds coming from Korsakov Music label boss AL/SO’s office when he first heard Snake Lies EP in his submissions. The production was so unique, heavy yet melodic, experimental yet catchy, that he decided he couldn’t NOT sign it. Kodin’s debut on the Dutch imprint was born.

From the first moment Tasha Baxter's gifted pipes bless the intro of Snake Lies with her presence all the way through to the final decaying sound of the four track epic roller Lost I with Hinkstep, Outcrier and Saimiri, Snake Lies EP grabs you by the throat and doesn't stop squeezing until you're as blue as Papa Smurf. And it's absolutely worth it.

A masterclass in vocal chops and dark bass design slaps you in the face during We Won't Obey and one of the funkiest rollers you'll hear in forever in Cyberpunk is set to murder the dance worldwide.

All these are either side of the incredible collab with Billain in the middle, a true masterpiece in both musicality and bass design. It's the standout production in this sea of standout productions. Not for the faint of heart.

Kodin has leveled up considerably, combining his technical prowess with uncanny melodic wizardry, and his first Korsakov Music release will leave you begging for more.

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