Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Vol. 1 - Korsakov Music / KRSKV017

Hey future, what happened? You used to be so cool.

Hoverboards, teleportation, time travel, self-powering laces, video calls that actually run smoothly, equality, the three-seashell sanitary system…. All of these were promised. None of them have been delivered.

Luckily the drum & bass community can deliver. A rare tonic in these messed up times, drum & bass has actually lived up to future prophecies and remained one of the most promising creative pastures on the map in terms of next-generation talent, skills and innovation. And #KorsakovMusic’s latest V/A album is absolute proof.

A 17 track attack of tomorrow talent from across the world, ‘#KorsakovMusic Presents #FutureStarsVol1’ is the latest venture from the heavy-hitting Rotterdam brand. While their monolithic raves are currently on lockdown ice, their gunfingers remain on the pulse as a label defiantly tuned into what’s coming up next.

Curated and A&R’d by label founder AL/SO, sourced from the rawest pool of new-gen talent, ‘#FutureStars’ is the result of a request for submissions from unsigned artists via the largest online group in the genre. An olive branch in a flooded scene and a legit chance to have music signed and be paid more than ‘exposure’, the label found itself drowning in submissions.

Many demos were more toxic than a 5G conspiracy theory, many more showed promise but still required a shower after listening. But then there were the demos that proved the future is indeed in safe hands. And they came from these talented new-gen individuals…

#Inaudible, #PRFCTMandem, #Bytecode, #Sola, #Methis, #InvertEra, #Plasmator, #PartTimeMenace, #Sabotør, #Xpath, #Dropset, #Artino, #Arpex & #JamesChandler, #3Four, #Jayfor, #Zonna, #Tacktile, #Cyntax.

Prime radar material, all of these acts are at exciting, burgeoning chapters of their career where anything is possible. Their vibe still fine-tuning, their ideas still free from industry distractions and BS pressures, their energy at full flex. Some you may already recognise, others will be brand new but with sounds ranging from sinewy, wasp-chewing neuro to body-slamming dancefloor to sleek precision engineered tech, we guarantee by the end of this album you’ll have a fat stack of fresh names to follow for new set weapons… And 17 golden ticket bangers right here courtesy of #KorsakovMusic.

The future’s happening now. And while it seems to be looking pretty bleak and uncertain in many ways, there’s still solace in the future of our scene. Remember where you heard them first.

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