KOVE - Le Retour - UKF / UKFTEN012

Fresh from tearing up the festival countryside with his bulletproof ‘#Motor’, #Kove captures those poignant end-of-another-great-summer emotions perfectly with this epic feel-good season finale for #UKF10 and Drum&BassArena: ‘#LeRetour

The positive vibrations are tangible from the first slinky guitar line and they continue to rise as the horns burn through and fire us headfirst into a drop of 2012 proportions. Big tubular subs, lighting brass hooks and that powerful sense of uplift that #Kove first showcased with his breakthrough track, the iconic #UKF anthem ‘Searching’…. It’s not called The Return for nothing.

A heady balance of musicality, weight and huge levels of funk, not to mention a heady punch of early 2000s-era #LiquidV and #Hospital, ‘#LeRetour’ is a vibrant storm soul that cuts through in any mix and suddenly adds bursts of colour and warmth to any blend scenario. It also marks the start of the final quarter of #UKF’s year-long decade celebrations…

Landing just weeks after #ThePrototypes’ massive ‘#IntoTheNight’, ‘#LeRetour’ is another massive milestone in the #UKF10 celebrations and sees the brand linking up with the oldest allies in the genre: Drum&BassArena who’ve been responsible for releasing some of #Kove’s biggest tracks in the last two years, including this one.

End of the summer… But not the end of #UKF10. With three more months and many more releases and projects to be announced, #UKF’s decade-deep anniversary continues to tear-up the bass culture countryside. Keep those buckles tight.

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