Koven Releases 'Butterfly Effect' on Monstercat

#ButterflyEffect’ has finally dropped; after Koven teasing the LP throughout 2019 and the start of 2020, this has been coined as one of the most pivotal albums of this year. On first listen to its contents, track by track, it’s easy to hear why this is. With fourteen selections to choose from, each one offers the sound which has been spearheaded by #Koven from the beginning, despite being presented through different tempos and exploring the full versatility of their production. Whilst Max fronts the engineering, Katie has continually stunned crowds with her vocals and explosive DJ performances; it’s this combination which has captivated audiences across the world, something that’s now been perfectly packaged within their forthcoming album ‘#ButterflyEffect’.

With several singles acting as stepping stones for the LP’s eventual release, there’s already been a host of music that fans, both old and new, have been introduced to. Records like ‘#Yes’, ‘#Followers’, ‘#AllforNothing’, ‘#ShutMyMouth’, ‘#GiveYouUp’, ‘#YourPain’ and ‘#Gold’ have taken you through the motions of ‘#ButterflyEffect’ with its unbridled diversity. #Koven has demonstrated the standards which they’ve adhered to throughout its process, since its first reveal earlier in 2019.

However, the vast expanse of eye-watering new music highlights that #Koven’s work rate is second to none. With the cinematic drum & bass flavours of ‘#WorldsCollide’ introducing ‘#ButterflyEffect’, it’s a precursor of what’s to come, quickly followed by the album’s soaring title-track. The James Bond inspired ‘#SpeakingThroughSmokeDetectors’ takes you through a movie soundtrack soundscape whilst the emotive current of ‘#ForMe’ delivers a different twist to their usual bass-heavy undercurrents, alongside the switched up tempo of ‘#Stars’.

Katie #Koven’s incredible vocal textures ring through tracks like ‘#Missing’ and you’re made aware of her incredible artistry from start to finish. Meanwhile, the sweeping layers of ‘#SurelyYouKnow’, which draws the album to a close, creates a powerful stirring of emotions, encapsulating what it means to deliver music with soul. ‘#ButterflyEffect’ isn’t just an album of tracks; it’s a journey through the hearts and minds of #Koven. Released through #Monstercat, #Koven have now debuted ‘#ButterflyEffect’ on the world stage, whilst taking you along for the ride.








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